What’s in a Name?

As it turns out, a lot.

I spent most of the past two weeks trying to think of a title for this blog. I knew I needed something personal, to reflect the content that I hope to write about, but nothing too personal. I tossed around a few names like, “Steph Says” and “Joie de Stephanie,” but nothing really stuck out.


Not the actual perpetrator.

Then one fateful night – as the story always goes – a bright blue pen exploded on my perfectly beige couch. I couldn’t get too mad. It was my own fault for leaving a pen on the couch, as I always do. In fact, looking around my quaint studio, there are ink stains everywhere: on a decorative pillow, on my shirts and even my bed sheets. I guess I’m still learning how to hold a pen properly.

As much as I love typing (80 wpm, what’s up!), there’s still something about putting pen to paper that I can’t seem to shake. I write in my journal (that’s where all my ‘woe is me’ writing goes), take meticulous notes in a notebook for freelance assignments and spent weeks looking for the perfect magnetic notepad to stick on the fridge for grocery lists. Hey, we all have our quirks.

And so here I am, with my first serious foray into blogging called “Ink Stains.” I’m quite fond of the name, and I hope it grows on you, too. So shall we get started?


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