Have a Very Merry Christmas


I know by this time of the month, it’s easy to be Christmas-ed out. The radio stations have been playing Christmas music since November and holiday decorations were slowly creeping into the aisles before Halloween was even over. Fortunately for me, I was able to avoid both these things by not driving and rarely going shopping. So it can be a little challenging to get into the Christmas spirit, but I made up for it this year with some good ol’ nostalgia.

Out of the blue earlier this month, I remembered a singing Disney Christmas decoration that I loved as a kid called Mickey’s Clock Shop. Some of you may remember it – it was pretty popular, from what I can recall. According to my mom (hi, Mom!), my parents bought it when we moved to the States for my first Christmas here. Maybe that’s why I’m so attached to it? Psychology aside, after many years, Mickey’s singing clock shop broke and my parents threw it out. I don’t think I ever really got over it. Actually, I’m pretty sure I never got over it, considering I went on eBay and bought my own set.

Does anyone else remember Mickey’s singing clock shop? Or have another Christmas decoration, even an ornament, that they hold near and dear to their hearts? Sometimes a little nostalgia is what we need to get into the Christmas spirit. After all, there was nothing like being a kid who still believed in Santa and the magic of Christmas.

I’ll now let these popular Disney characters serenade you with a little Christmas carol. I apologize for the amateur iPhone quality.

This weekend, I also traveled to Hershey, Pa. and visited Hershey Park’s Christmas CandyLane. Most of the rides were closed; Can you imagine the wind chill as you speed 60 mph on a roller coaster? No thanks. Everything in the park is transformed to be something holiday related, but my absolute favorite was the light show at the “Kissmas” Tree. I’ve uploaded video below so everyone can ‘ohhhh’ and ‘ahhhh.’

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday with family and friends you love.


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