Just 10 More Minutes…

the simssPlaying The Sims is like going into a black hole. Once the game loads, it’s difficult to press stop.

I used to be obsessed with The Sims around 2001. Every day after school, I would hide out in the basement playing until dinnertime. Some of you may have had legit extra curricular activities after school; mine was The Sims. I like to think I learned some valuable life lessons from it, such as if you don’t keep in touch with a friend, they will stop being your friend. And you will only get better at cooking if you keep practicing. And don’t forget to pay your bills or the repoman will come and take away your stuff!

I was recently given a copy of The Sims 3 to play, and WHOA has the game changed since 2001. The Sims actually age and they have personal mobile phones! Plus there’s a whole town to explore! As if I can afford to procrastinate in my life, here I am transported to being a middle schooler again, playing The Sims for an average of two hours in the evening.

I don’t think there are any valuable life lessons The Sims can teach me now as a young adult, but I do appreciate the fact that it lets me turn my brain off for a few hours every night before going to bed. My biggest worry during those moments is whether or not my Sim is starting to smell like rotten eggs, not how much I need to budget for rent. I’ve never been much of a gamer, but this is one game I will make an exception for. Our brains are constantly on “go” mode, so it’s nice to check out for a little bit.

Does anyone else have fond memories of playing The Sims? Or better yet, still play it? (Ohmahgawd Sims4 coming out this year!)