There’s a mouse in the house

“There’s a mouse in the house.”

This is just screaming to be turned into a Dr. Seuss poem, but I can’t seem to find anything else that rhymes with “house” or “mouse.” And I’m really not the poet type, so if anyone’s up for the challenge – go for it. Best poem gets a cookie.

Anyway, yes, there is a mouse wandering around my building and sometimes it comes visit my apartment. I’ve set out two traps in the past couple of weeks, but nothing seems to work yet. This has led me to walk around my apartment completely paranoid, not knowing when this little rodent will scuttle past me again.

In hindsight, though, having a mouse as a sometimes-roommate has brought about some good changes.

1) It gets me to the gym

I’m a notorious homebody. There’s nothing I enjoy more than popping some popcorn and marathoning a TV show on Netflix. But I also recently signed up for a gym in my neighborhood, and I’ve been really good about finding excuses not to go. Oh, I didn’t buy a lock yet to use on the lockers. It’s below 30 degrees out, I’ll freeze! I simply don’t have enough time to get a full workout in before I ¬†go to work.

But now I’d much rather not stay in the apartment longer than I have to, so I run off to the gym the moment I get off from work. And the crazy part? I kind of dig it. I can bring my iPad and keep watching TV shows on Netflix while sweating it out and creating a routine for myself. So I guess I can thank the mouse for my bikini bod once summer rolls around.

2) I keep the apartment clean

I always try my best to keep the apartment clean, but now I have more reason to. Those dishes I might’ve left in the sink overnight? Forget about it – they’re going straight in the dishwasher now. Those crumbs that just fell on the floor? Grab a paper towel and wipe it up! If there isn’t anything for the mouse to eat, or any smells to attract it, then maybe it won’t come back. Maybe. (I’m just fooling myself.)

3) Nevermind

My number three reason was originally going to be: now that I’ve seen the mouse, it’s not so scary anymore. But that’s no longer the case. I first saw the mouse with my own eyes two days ago. And just when I think I’m getting over it and start telling myself, “It’s not so bad having a mouse as a roommate. Poor fella is scared of me, too!” I SEE IT AGAIN. My heart starts racing, my limbs lock up and I freak out.

So I guess there are really only two good reasons for having a mouse invade my apartment. But no matter the positive outcomes, I want it gone. NOW.

Maybe if it were cute like this mouse, I wouldn't have a problem.

Maybe if it were cute like this mouse, I wouldn’t have a problem.