TV Tuesday: ‘Parks and Recreation’

TV Tuesday is a new column on my blog where I’ll write about a TV show I’m currently watching or discuss recent developments in the TV world. As always, your opinions are welcome in the comments!

Parks and Recreation - Season 5

I know, I’m way behind the ‘cool’ bandwagon. In my defense, I did watch “Parks and Recreation” during its first short season. After that, it slipped off my radar, but clearly gained traction with others.

“Parks and Recs,” for those unfamiliar, stars Amy Poehler as the very ambitious, energetic and caring Leslie Knope, the deputy director of Pawnee, Indiana’s parks and recreation department. The show is filmed docu-style, much like “The Office,” and follows Leslie and her fellow parks and recs colleagues as they navigate through local government life.

I’m so glad I got into this show again. I was looking for a short sitcom to watch while I eat breakfast, and “Parks and Recs” fit the bill. The second season was a little slow to pick up, but once it did, it just keeps getting better and better.

The problem with starting any show late in the game is that you’re probably already aware of numerous spoilers, especially regarding casting. I’m still going through the sixth season, but needless to say I’ve already heard spoilers about what happens. Still, this doesn’t deter me from enjoying “Parks and Recreation.”  If anything, it encourages me to keep watching because I want to see how the events unfold. (This is probably the only time you’ll hear me talk about spoilers in a positive light. Don’t get used to it.)

Other observations:

+ I’m pretty sure Andy Dwyer is becoming more and more stupid as the show goes on. Yes, Andy’s stupidity is one of the endearing things about his character, but there are some moments that are a bit much. It’s one of those classic examples when a show realizes everyone likes Dumb!Andy and so they end up going overboard. Sometimes less is more.

+ One of the things I actually don’t like about the show is the treatment of Jerry/Larry. Maybe most offices have that one coworker everyone likes to poke fun at, but in the case of Jerry/Larry, it just seems downright mean. It’s pure bullying and it’s not okay. Maybe some of you think I’m being overly sensitive, but I cringe every time one of the characters is unnecessarily mean to him.

+ Chris Traeger and Ron Swanson are two of the greatest characters every created. Literally.

“Parks and Recreation’s” first five seasons is available on Netflix. Season 6 is available on Hulu Plus.

Image courtesy of Chris Haston/NBC.