Time to Come Out of Hibernation

It’s pretty dreary and cloudy in NYC today, but the past couple of days have shown signs that pleasant spring weather is here – it’s just facing a few minor setbacks. After one of the most brutal winters in recent memory (for me), it’s been nice to be able to leave the house without piling on layers or wearing leg warmers that keep slipping down.

To celebrate the beginning of spring, last week I went to the Macy’s in Herald Square to check out the store’s flower show. There were a lot of events scattered across the two week-long exhibition. When I went, I had a chance to see artist Joe Mangrum and his assistant create some beautiful sand art in the plaza in front of Macy’s. The inside of the store is also impeccably decorated, as you might expect. (Click images to make them larger)

In a few weeks, I’ll most likely be moving out of NYC, so I’ve started to curate a “bucket list” of sorts. One of the places I had never been to was Riverside Park, literally just a few blocks away from my apartment. Since yesterday was such a beautiful day, I went for an evening stroll to the park. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I really liked what I saw. It may be right next to a major highway, but you don’t really feel it. And check out this sunset!